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At REC our mission is clear... design and manufacture the highest quality rod components and rod cases while providing fair value and superior service to our customers worldwide. Our components are fabricated from the finest raw materials available. Our nickel silver components are made from high grade 18% nickel content alloy. All REC aluminum components are produced from high strength, hardened, aircraft grade alloys manufactured to exacting military and industrial standards. All of our aluminum components are further protected through the application of either a Type II or Type III hard coat anodized finish providing superior durability coupled with light weight; a combination unattainable with other metals.

In 1994, AFFTA (American Fly Fishing Trade Association) recognized the need to standardize fly reel feet to ensure that reels properly fit reel seats used on all commercially available fly rods. AFFTA established a committee of members to address an industry wide standard for fly reel feet and associated components. REC Components, along with a number of other component and reel manufacturers, actively participated on this committee. After a series of meetings, the committee agreed on a suggested standard and AFFTA adopted this standard in September 1995 after approval by the membership. From that point forward, all fly rod component and fly reel manufacturers were to comply with the standard to ensure that reels made with conforming feet would fit rods made with conforming reel seats.

Since the AFFTA standard was adopted, all REC reel seats have conformed to this standard to ensure that all conforming reels would fit rods made with REC reel seats. The accompanying drawing and data block show the allowable dimensions and tolerance range for the reel foot that conforms to the AFFTA standard. The "Standard" reel foot is for all reels including Trout, Spey and Big Game reels. Fly rod manufacturers and builders should be aware that many older reel models and some newer ones may not have conforming reel feet. In many instances, the reel manufacturer will offer to change the reel foot to a conforming one. Changing the foot on a reel is generally relatively simply. All REC reel seats will properly and securely lock down a conforming reel foot. If your reel does not properly fit a REC reel seat, please check the foot against the standard before contacting REC. If you still feel that the reel seat was made improperly, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

We are dedicated to meet the needs of rod manufacturers, custom builders, distributors, and dealers worldwide by providing creative solutions to the most demanding applications. The team stands ready to serve its customers in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner while delivering the highest quality rod components and rod cases.

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